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Urban Street Wear NZ

Where to get Urban Street Wear in NZ

If your wondering where to get kiwi urban street wear from, you have hit the jackpot!  Tribal Roots prides itself on exclusivity and superiority offering a premium retail experience across all genres, cultures, styles and ages.  Street wear has underlined and evolved to become an essential part of culture.


Our collections are contemporary apparel and accessories. We have zoomed in on a vibrant culturally distinctive style that showcase Aotearoa cultures.  Inspired by innovation and style to uniquely bring together fashion and functionality through t-shirts, hoodies, singlets, and accessory ranges that are cohesive across multiple genres. Developing products, styles and designs with quality and practicality that progressive lifestyles aspire to.


Tribal Roots is focused on offering an elite perspective of the ever-changing global streetwear landscape.

Feel free to send reviews and to post pictures of your Tribal Roots new threads on FB and Instagram.

Custom Clothing and Designs

All Custom Clothing and Designs items demonstrate our creative talent here at Tribal Roots. We use current fonts, pictures and icons in a large catalogue. For your custom shirts, hoodies and more, you can select any of the styles in our catalogues or whatever you want we will source. We have included, if you need, exclusive and custom caps, tees, with graphics or text. More than 100 items are available to meet your needs. We will help you find exactly what you need, be it custom-made clothing or printed items. Our garment design incorporates incredible graphics, icons, slogans and text. It's also possible to add your work to the template. Treat your loved one during events such as birthdays, christmas, graduation, weddings, celebratons, special occasions with their customised prints on clothing and accessories.

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