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Sublimation Printing

How Sublimation Printing Work

Have you ever wondered how sublimation functions? Well, printing sublimation uses heat, mainly to combine ink and textile. Next, a pattern on special paper is printed. The inks used are converted into gas when heated and mixed with the tissue and are printed permanently on the paper. The results are lasting natural and less likely to rot, because the ink is embedded in the ground or cloth instead of merely lying on the surface. It's almost a tattoo, but it's for your choice of product rather than for your body. The heat opens the pores of the paper, cools the ink and returns to a solid shape at the applied pressure. The effect is a continuous, total color image not fading, peeling or washing off the substratum. This Sublimation Printing process helps the tin to transition a little like dry ice from a solid to a gas without turning into oil. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled by pressure. We also provide Digital and Transfer Printing services so if you are looking for any of these services we can be of help.

The best Digital and Transfer Printing

We take in orders in smaller batches and designs that rely on details, a quick and efficient Digital and Transfer Printing method is increasingly popular. Our Sublimation Printing also allows a design to be chosen and can go from seam to seam. A digital transfer allows full color design, which is too complex to be printed on screen, to be used in the heating process on clothing, coats or bags. The image needed is printed on white transfer paper. We then cut off with a plotter that is a paper-cutting machine following a drawing from the Adobe Illustrator.

The paper will then be placed on the clothing where we apply the right amount of heat and pressure. We perform this accurate process that ensures that the product surface is not damaged. The photo then sticks to the item forever. So if your next printed garments need something wonderful yet cost-effective? The way to go is Digital and Transfer Printing services! In the end we simply use your selected template and it is printed on the transfer paper in the digital transmission printing and the image you chose is transferred to the garment through heat once this has been accomplished.

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