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Custom Wear NZ

How we Make Custom Wear in NZ

It's easy to trust us as our Apparel Embroidery Services to supply quality products expediently. We can accommodate any order, big or small, from high quality polo shirts to custom hats and towels. We do this by having a client present a design. We take the style, clean it up and find the best way to fix it with your individual polo shirts, caps, towels and other clothes. We then give you a digital copy of this revised paper to place an order for five or more items and ask you to approve it before it starts. We then give the template to our stick team, which quickly stitches and sews the logo on the goods of the customer.

Every single part undergoes a quality assurance process by cutting and cleaning additional fabrics and stitches, then testing and re-checking all parts to ensure full accuracy.The order is sent straight to the customer's door but not before the UPS tracking number and the assured delivery date are given through very efficient Apparel Embroidery Services. You will then get the lovely undamaged goods, and hopefully fall in love with them, show them to everyone they know and you can share the lovely product on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter , and Google.

Although we have the most extensive Custom Wear in NZ, sometimes something special, very specific, is needed. Don't look any further, because we provide an expert service that offers you access to factories around the world that can customize uniforms in small runs that give you something very different. We can do almost whatever you dream about Custom Wear in NZ. It can be a corporate uniform, a sports team kit and we even have the sophisticated software, which shows you photos of what you want before the process begins.

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